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Independent Insurance Valuation, Sinking Fund Forecast, and Maintenance Plans. Why Us: . Accredited . Best technical and customer service . Fully licensed and insured . Great Partnerships . Fast, efficient and thorough service . Ongoing Training. Business Improvement: Benchmarking against other companies is difficult sometimes. By using Lean Processes this continuously improving towards the ideal and achieving the shortest possible cycle time through the tireless reduction of waste. By having another person to look at the process, there can be some savings that can be implemented for little cost. Introduction: Peter Greenham, Brisbane Independent Inspections started as a successful family business and has built a reputation as a very well respected for its capabilities in the marketplace. This excellent reputation resulting from the personal service, diverse capabilities and experience of Peter Greenham and the Independent Inspections Group Team. Managing the Work Environment and Reducing Risk With the Business Uncertainty in the Economy at Present are the top of mind topics in the market. Our focus is to make Your Job Easier, with straight forward reporting and auditing services to make it easy to understand and reduce complaints and increase your workflows and reduce stress. The Blue Economy is the new paradigm of transparent business operations in both voluntary and compliance obligations that reduce the risk to the triple bottom line... If a company does not do the right thing in it's operations in the management of the Environment, it can have a major impact on the business. Independent Inspections, has over 25 years experience in Quality Assurance in a number of fields. Providing Strata Title Services to Clients Nationally including Insurance Valuations and Sinking Fund Forecast and other reporting services. "Our reports have been voted the easiest to read and understand reports in the industry by over 20 separate managers. We are quite proud of this as there was a lot of effort to make a complicated report look easy." Manager- Mr. Peter Greenham Qualifications: Diploma of Civil Engineering Associate Diploma of Laboratory Operations Diploma of Quality Management Diploma of Business Lead Environmental Auditor Diploma of workplace training and Assessment National Association of Testing Authorities Technical Assessor Independent Inspections Pty Ltd

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