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Why choose Secure/Insure Your Own Mobilephone, A Native App..... from MyVcard Technology?

In a simple sentence: Create your own mini insurance for your mobile to be return to you glabally for FEE and the caller gets reward. Your cost $3 a month. Digital Security App We have MyVcard and Vodafone branded Native Apps ready for download in IOS and Play Store. ReturnMe is a Worldwide Recovery Service that's has been operating for over 18 years. This is an App that's can be downloaded now and activated from login with our code into the App. This is a business tool for client acquisition and company branding as it sits on the lock screen of mobiles (min. code orders are 500 and businesses will only be charge for the activated codes) Strong marketing tool because this is a database collection, qualifying clients collector and fully white-labelled/Your Company Logo ready. This means Your Logo will be on each mobilephones Lockscreens, every day promoting your brand. Video how it works: RRP $1.99 to 3.99 per month RRP $0.99 for silver service with lifetime free bronze service there after.

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