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Whether it's a temporary inability to work, permanent injury, serious illness or worse, the right insurance cover can make the world of difference. They might not be happy thoughts, but considering what's at stake, it's important to think about how you can protect your family and loved ones. We specialize in Personal Risk Insurance... Life Insurance:- Help ease their transition and ensure a safe financial future with a life insurance policy. Designed to provide cover for immediate costs as well as provide an ongoing income, life insurance can give your family and loved ones a brighter future. Talk to an Kerry today to see what amount of cover is right for you. Income Protection:- If you're unable to work due to temporary illness or other circumstances, will you be able to meet your expenses without drawing a paycheck? Income protection provides short term relief to cover everyday costs while you get back on your feet. Total & Permanent Disability:- When an injury or illness results in you being unable to return to work, TPD insurance can help cover living expenses and clear existing debts. Definitions of total and permanent disability can vary across products, so always seek advice from a professional before accepting a policy. Trauma Cover:- Many serious illness involve multiple, expensive medical bills as well as time away from work. Trauma insurance can provide assistance to cover these costs and avoid financial hardship during these trying times. Find out what's best for you now. Phone Kerry Boler, Insurance Adviser of nearly 10 years> Kerry dedicates herself to providing the best service for her clients and believes insurance is vital in all our lives. Over the years Kerry has seen Insurance claims help so many people that would have otherwise had their lives badly compromised. She treats all her clients with good old fashion customer service.

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